All of the children are valued in the An Hoa Social Caring Center community. As local families have visited the Center over the past two years, they have observed the resilience, creativity and beauty in the children with special needs. Here are a few of their stories (printed with permission by the Center and the children's families):



Tien is a 13-year-old girl who has Down’s Syndrome and began attending the An Hoa program when it first opened in 2007. Tien is the youngest of three children in her family. Like the other children, her parents are extremely poor and work hard to keep their children housed and fed. Tien is described as good-natured, quiet and obedient. She listens well to instructions and has learned much throughout her enrollment in the program. Tien has learned to speak and take care of herself independently. She enjoys playing with dolls, singing, playing with clay and writing. She relies on An Hoa Center for support and encouragement – for not only herself, but her entire family.

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