The Foundation has provided vaccinations and vitamins to improve the health and well being of hundreds of children in state-run and private orphanages in Russia. We have created and will continue to support rehabilitation gyms for children with disabilities, including sensory equipment, physical therapy tables, swings, balls, parallel bars, and gym mats. We also actively support transportation for children to attend medical appointments and recreational outings.

We also recently completed our fifth orphanage playground in Russia. We have seen these playgrounds bring the community of children at the orphanage together, fueling imaginations, improving social skills and promoting active lifestyles. We hope to expand this initiative and continue installing playgrounds in Russia's orphanages.

News of Russia enforcing a ban on adoptions to the United States was a terrible blow to the Alliance For Children, the families midway through the adoption process, and, of course, to the children in these orphanages waiting to be part of a family. Such devastating political circumstances only re-energizes our Foundation to care for the children in these orphanages who will most likely never find a forever family.