Why Be a Corporate Sponsor of Alliance For Children?

  • You can help save the lives and assure the future of thousands of forgotten children who desperately need your help.
  • You can partner with a knowledgeable and experienced organization that has established working relationships with government officials in the countries in which we work.
  • You can receive reports and well documented outcomes detailing the use of your donation from reliable, experienced, local contacts who closely supervise our programs.
  • You can have the opportunity for joint marketing and recognition of your philanthropic programs.
  • You can receive favorable media attention through your affiliation with the Alliance For Children Foundation.
  • You can engage your employees to volunteer and make a difference in the lives of children.

Corporate GivingSHELTER

Build a Sunbeam Village (60 children, China)
Build and Equip 5 Kitchens

A Year of Meals (50 children)
Support Special Needs Programs (Vietnam)

3 years Medical or Dental Care (100 children)
Provide Rehabilitation Equipment (Russia)
Provide Medications and Medical Supplies
Provide Corrective Surgeries (50 children)

Fund Our Pre-School Programs
Provide 5 Qualified Teachers
Furnish 10 Classrooms
Build and Equip a Playground
Build and Supply a Library with Books