About China

Hundreds of thousands of orphaned children remain homeless or in institutional care throughout China. The vast majority of these abandoned children are female and many have a disability.

Our Work

Sunbeam Villages The Foundation addresses layers of economic and social issues by partnering with local governments to renovate dilapidated buildings and create family-style living facilities called Sunbeam Villages. These facilities provide free accommodations for local couples willing to become foster parents to a minimum of five orphaned children previously living in institutional care. Because many of these children have disabilities, we also fund physical therapy centers within each village and work to individually address the physical and emotional needs of each child. With neighbors stopping by and wheelchairs supplied allowing more children to attend school, a broader acceptance of these children into their broader community is realized.

From our four Villages in Guang Xi Province (one of the poorest in China), over 1,300 children have benefited from our care.

Bobai Foster Care We established the first foster care program for orphaned children in Bobai, a poverty-stricken city in southern China. The Bobai Foster Care Center has provided a foster family for 33 abandoned children. Seven of these children have been permanently adopted by local Chinese families. Funds are continually needed to provide for the foster care, including food, clothing and medical care.